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SPL Serenity Gulshan, Dhaka

SPL Serenity

living in “Delta”

The dramatic change of sunlight on water from suns vertex light to winters shade , shadow and penumbra, the twilight, hidden artificial lights play, trees floating and hanging green in different levels creating the sense of living in “Delta”. Our client, Miss Babita is not only the most famous in our country but also an internationally acclaimed actress, who has acted in Great Satyajit Ray’s movie "Ashani Sanket (Distant Thunder, 1973) in the key role.

Having ownership of the land, desired accommodation in this 14 storied apartment building on this land was a dream for her. The dream of enjoying this space as theatrical in sense as she spent most of her life in cinema, inspired us to develop the architectural design of this building.

The challenge of the plot was its orientation facing north. Dhaka having 24.5° latitude basically deprived from the winter sun on the north of any building. Hence the design decision was to put more water on the road facing north instead of green except an existing litchi tree (planted by client’s father )which interestingly getting sunlight round the year, either from vertex or inclined sun from the gaps of the two buildings. In order to create the deltaic impact, the building positioned as far as possible away from the road. The use of glass boundary wall which helped to connect the cityscape and waterscape complements each other