Architecture For Green Living

Mazunder Arif Residence Basundhara R/A, Dhaka


Oasis of green

Mazunder Arif Residence is a 9th storied residential building located at Bashundhara Residential area. In between the hustle bustle of the city, the building provides an oasis of green for the users. Concrete is used for structural strength and bricks are used in the internal walls.

The building material is exposed concrete, brick, glass and wood. The whole building is a single unit residence. It has a semi basement which accommodates 5 cars. The users are a family who shares this house together.

The ground floor has green lawn, garden, water body, rock garden and gaming area. Each floor has its own touch of green to create a peaceful environment for the users. The roof top has swimming pool and garden, making it a tranquil space to dwell.