Architecture For Green Living

Kishwar Jahan Residence Old DOHS, Dhaka


Context, Climate and Desire The concept of the project is resultant of context, climate and desire. Having the road on south and two storied residences on the east and north was an advantage. But having a six storied apartment building with 43 windows on the west is a challenge in terms of privacy for this four storey single unit residence. The idea was to push back the house as much as possible towards the north to create a south lawn as big as possible, the first step of the design. This was done keeping in mind the sub-tropical climate of Dhaka with its winter inclined sun on the south and summer wind flow from the south-east. This south-east lawn also helps to retain the trees on the south edge of the side which is combined with the roadside trees making a green patch.

Old DOHS (Defense officers’ Housing Society) is probably one of the most secured and tranquil residential area in Dhaka. Having a 12,939 sft south facing plot with numbers of trees within and around the site is a fortune in the context of Dhaka.

Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world has become a city of urban mayhem. Having less than five percent green area for a city of more than 500 square miles with a growing population of disparity and difficulties is fast losing its ambience.The last step of the design was to create a 35 feet long steel bridge plunging out from the house entering into the south edge tree foliage. The intention was to “dwell in an urban house within a forest”