Architecture For Green Living

Idrish Shakur Residence (Abiana) Baridhara, Dhaka


Residence with green and water

Idrish Shakur residence is a 9th Storied building with one semi-basement. As this is a residential building, the users are mostly families. The idea was to built a residence with green and water body, so that the users can feel close to the nature even while residing in the busy city. The land area is 5,410 sqft and the total constructed area of the 9 storied building is 22988 sqft.

The ground floor entry at west is complemented by a water body along with green lawn and flower blooming tree, this touch of nature makes the users of the building feel welcomed and humbled as they enter their home.

The building has one simplex (1st floor), two duplex ( 2nd + 3rd floor and 4th + 5th floor ) and one triplex ( 6th + 7th + 8th floor). To utilize the roof, a party center is designed along with garden and a swimming pool.