Architecture For Green Living

Bhuiyan Bari Khilkhet, Dhaka (2013-2017)

Watercolor by Rafiq Azam

Cradling in Nature

This house belongs to two brothers engaged in the land development and housing business. Unlike the typical affluent families in the society, these brothers did not want to shift their homestead from the outskirts to the centre of Dhaka. Their desire to remain to their roots created the opportunity to utilize this hefty picturesque landscape surrounded by ample greenery and natural water stream for the design of the Bhuyan Bari.

Considering the climatic conditions of Dhaka, the south opens up to the countryside landscape allowing in summer breeze and the winter solstice for the finest subtropical comfort.

The natural water channel in the south and the west edge of the site fluctuate ebbs and flows in different seasons.A visual connection is profound to the infinity pool for swimming in the south-east overlooking at the natural water pond.